Signature Inspirations & Personalized Scripture Gifts

  • Items on this page do not have a fixed price, thus these inspirational products are to be distributed through various fundraising channels, contests, and/or promotions. Every inspirational product on this page is also designed to be personalized, thus, made to order.
  • Please see: “The Together, We Can Move Mountains Tour “and┬áPray for Peace Revival funding platform.
  • Currently, any donation of $30.00 or more (except for the Cutting Board -$40+) will be currency toward any one of the items on this page. I will provide you with a Coupon Code to be used at Checkout. Only Charge you will incur will be the $5.00 Flat Rate for shipping.
  • Non-Signature Personalized Gifts –Any other purchase from this site (all categories) will be used to help finance my ministry which includes travel, my writing, my websites and administering to others…

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