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About This Site

Each one of us is inspired by forces beyond ourselves; each one of us finds inspiration through acts of others, through nature, through art, music – the list goes on.

Inspiration is a catalyst of growth, success, happiness and without it, we would be nothing but mere entities, devoid of soul, devoid of substance…

You inspire me and I hope with my various offerings and products I can inspire you too… Each Item on this site I designed personally. Some of these items include inspirations and quotes that I wrote. Some you can also find on “Beyond The Broken Door”
– my other site in which I was summoned by powers greater than myself to create.

Paying It Forward

Every item that is sold through this site 10% will be distributed back to either a cause you support or one of the ones selected by me personally. The causes that I am most interested are those concerning “child welfare and development,” drug and alcohol addictions, poverty and homelessness, environmental preservation including animal welfare. These are some of the subjects that I express in my writings and other forms of communication.

I welcome you by one and thank you all,
Ricky J. Fico